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Broadband Grant Funding, Wisconsin


First of all, thank you for supporting Ethoplex / Signal Internet. We are working hard to roll-out better broadband services to your neighborhood.

Right now, there’s a unique opportunity to help people living in Washington, Dodge, and Fond Du Lac counties. We applied for broadband grant funding to help residents, businesses, and schools in these counties obtain fast, reliable broadband.

This is why we need your help–part of the selection criteria is public support. We need as many people as possible to submit public comments of support on the Wisconsin PSC website. The more public support we receive, the better chance we have of winning!

Here is the link:…

Please reference the Ethoplex Dodge, Washington, or Fond Du Lac County project in your message (depending on where you live). Deadline is February 15th.

Share this post with as as many neighbors, friends, colleagues, business leaders, and elected officials as you can. Together we can bring better broadband to everyone.

Thank you for your time and support!



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