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TEAM TUESDAY: A Warm Welcome Back!

It’s hard to stay away when you have something so good to go back to–that’s how I felt when I was in my third year away from Ethoplex.  I was the Sales Director for Ethoplex from 2014 to 2015 and enjoyed the team and the work, but I left to pursue another leadership position with a startup company and went from Sales Director to General Manager.  With my direction, their direct sales increased from about 2 per month to about 2 per day.  I took one more leap of faith and worked Direct Sales for one of the large cable companies in the area, where I consistently drove sales past 200% to quota and met my goals 100% of the time.  Now, I’m back at Ethoplex ready to utilize my experience and improved skills to contribute to Team Ethoplex.  It’s great to be back!

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