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FCC chairman visits Germantown internet service provider company


[Excerpt] Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit Pai made a stop at Ethoplex’s Germantown office on Monday afternoon to discuss the challenges facing small internet service providers and his efforts to ease FCC regulations.

Pai discussed those issues with Keefe John, president and CEO of Ethoplex, a fixed-wireless business internet service provider that serves the Greater Milwaukee area, following a roundtable discussion in Milwaukee with Sen. Ron Johnson and members of the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association.

Pai was appointed as FCC chairman by President Donald Trump in January, and has gained attention in recent weeks for his plans to relax the commission’s oversight of internet service providers.

Monday’s conversation centered mostly on the challenges with broadband deployment in rural areas, Pai said.

“Wisconsin is pretty unique because it has big cities like Milwaukee and many, many small towns that are sometimes harder to serve,” Pai said. “So I just wanted to come to understand the nature of the challenges that businesses like Ethoplex face and see if there are any ways that we at the FCC can help by providing a regulatory environment that allows them to execute (their business).”

Pai stressed that less regulation will benefit small companies like Ethoplex, noting that they don’t enjoy the same resources as larger companies to handle government regulations.

John said he is pleased with Pai’s deregulation efforts.

“As a small provider, we fully support any type of deregulation,” John said,” because it’s a lot easier for larger carriers to deal with that regulation and it stifles competition.”

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