Take your property to the next level with our Smart Building program!

There’s no better way to attract and retain tenants in the Information Age than by providing them with a complete range of advanced communications solutions. Whether your tenant is a large corporation or small-to-medium sized business, Ethoplex can provide the connectivity and services to help your building and your tenants prosper in the new digital economy. We offer a Smart Building program to merge the worlds of business and technology.

Ethoplex helps satisfy the data and Internet needs of your most demanding tenants: Corporations requiring high-speed data connections to tie together their regional offices and global operations…Law firms demanding instantaneous transmission of large documents for immediate review…Medical professionals needing online access to x-rays and lab results…Publishers contacting printing houses a continent away.

Ethoplex is the network to connect them all. Our network enters your building through an unobtrusive rooftop antennae — the size of a pizza — which connects to indoor communications equipment. Installation is fast and simple: internal construction ensures no rights-of-way acquisition, no disruption to your tenants, and no capital investment by you.

The result: your property is transformed into a Smart Building overnight. Internet access. High-speed data. Professional services. Video conferencing and VoIP. Disaster recovery and data backup. Bandwidth on demand. And it’s all backed by a reliable, continuously-monitored broadband network.

If your building already has a communications network, consider the power of diversity with the Ethoplex network, offering your tenants a choice of providers, as well as the assurance of uninterrupted service. Because Ethoplex’s service doesn’t rely on in-ground cabling, it won’t go down when a cable gets cut; so, your tenants’ mission-critical operations are protected.


Benefits to Property Owners:

  • – No cost to property owner
  • – Increase occupancy using broadband as an amenity
  • – Wireless internet access in common areas (WiFi)
  • – Increase tenant retention and longevity
  • – Free internet connection for property owner
  • – Supports surveillance system monitoring, building control systems, etc
  • – New tenant referral bonus


Benefits to Tenants:

  • – Fastest speeds available
  • – Business visitors have free WiFi Internet access, making visits to your office highly attractive
  • – No install fees in smart buildings
  • – Enables next generation technology: VoIP, video conferencing, cloud computing


Q. What is a Smart Building?
A. Smart Buildings are simply put–smart! When a building joins our Smart Building program, the tenants receive high-speed internet connections at the fraction of the cost. This transforms your building an internet-ready, technology-ready property.

Q. How does my building become a Smart Building?
A. Your building becomes a Smart Building upon completion of the network build-out. In ideal situations, this is completed within 2-3 days. We review and coordinate all the steps with you and even maintain the network.

Q. Are there any pre-requisites that must be completed?
A. Yes. First, we complete a site survey, which determines if the building is capable and has the necessary cabling needed for successful deployment. We then determine the necessary requirements to convert your building into a Smart Building.

Q. How soon can my building become a Smart Building?
A. In ideal situations, your building can convert into a Smart Building within 2-3 days. In extreme cases, the lead time is up to 30 days.

Q. What is the cost to the building?
A. As long as your property meets our requirements, there is no cost to become a Smart Building!

Q. Why choose Ethoplex?
A. By choosing us, we not only guarantee successful implementation, but we deploy quicker than any other company. Also, you are working with a local company that cares about the final outcome and not just the bottom line.