Providing Schools with Connectivity

Fixed wireless Internet access from Ethoplex is an affordable and scalable alternative to wireline options for your school or district. Ethoplex offers Internet access, metro ethernet, and connectivity to Wiscnet at speeds from 1 Mbps up to 10 Gbps – installed in a fraction of the time generally needed by terrestrial providers. With our fixed wireless data services, you are not limited to legacy T1 or DS3 increments – Ethoplex gives you just the right amount of bandwidth you need to support your applications.

Our fixed wireless Internet access service is uniquely suited to your ever-changing needs, whether you’re a small private school or a large public school district. With our fixed wireless network, Ethoplex delivers high bandwidth Internet access over the air, directly from our tower to your school, providing a single carrier solution.

Ethoplex also sells and installs private fixed wireless links when schools are looking for an owned solution. Private fixed wireless links cost a fraction when compared to laying fiber in the ground.


With our Fixed Wireless Internet service your school district will receive:

  • – Ethernet service delivery: Simple connectivity directly to your LAN minimizes hardware expense and complexity
  • – Fast Service Installation: Ethoplex can deploy service in a matter of days rather than weeks
  • – Network Diversity: Fixed Wireless guarantees 100% diversity from legacy terrestrial networks and eliminates single point of failure
  • – Reliability: Fixed wireless service is unaffected by inclement weather and is impervious to terrestrial construction damage
  • – Simple Upgrades: Scalable bandwidth available on demand
  • – Low Latency: Enables flawless performance of VoIP, hosted applications, and other latency-sensitive services
  • – Solid Security: Uses standard and proprietary encryption to protect your data
  • – Excellent Cost/Performance: No construction costs eliminate high service costs and enables flexible services terms
  • – Service Speed Flexibility: Speeds from 1 Mbps to 10 Gbps
  • – eRate eligible


Our private, wireless broadband network is diverse from a wired network.

Our network is independent from the wired network, and this diverse path provides an additional level of security. Our services offer a safer bet for either your primary broadband internet or a redundant back-up connection required for business applications. Ethoplex’s wireless broadband network provides diversity in each key area: physically separate connection to your building, carrier-independent private network and multiple paths to the Internet.


How does Ethoplex secure your data?

Education clients are extremely vigilant regarding the security of their data. Districts make considerable investments in protecting their infrastructure to secure their data. Questions sometimes arise regarding over-the-air transmissions, where physical interception is an obvious threat.

To address this threat directly, Ethoplex utilizes robust, multi-layered security techniques which provide excellent security for data transmission. Over-the-air security is achieved through a proprietary scrambling mechanism that cannot be disabled or spoofed by commercial tools. An additional layer of security is also applied with FIPS 197 compliant, 128 0r 256-bit AES encryption.