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Ethoplex was founded in 2000 with the principal focus of offering cutting-edge communications services to business customers in Southeastern Wisconsin. We are guided by three core values that define the way we do business: quality, value and service. Our products strive to satisfy these values by offering reliable, quality communications services at a highly competitive price, secured by excellent customer service.

Our service portfolio consists of a number of innovative solutions, customized to the needs of our customers, but is principally built around our wireless Internet, Metro Ethernet and range of voice and storage products.

Ethoplex strives to develop strong client relationships that address each individual business’s needs. Our past success and future growth are defined by our abilities to recognize business trends and keep one step ahead of our competitors.

Whether our customers are small ambitious organizations or large enterprise organizations we are able to provide solutions to meet the local communications needs of your business in a timely, efficient manner.

So welcome! We invite you to learn more about our company using the links on our site. We are confident that once you examine the services we offer it will capture your imagination and start you thinking about the possibilities our services could offer your business.


Mission Statement

To provide the “Best of Breed” in data center, network connectivity, and voice technology solutions that meet and exceed each individual clients needs, with the ultimate goal of improving the health, efficiency, profitability and growth of each individual client.

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