Ethoplex Trusted Partners

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Referral
Ethoplex’s referral partner program is a simple way for business people to earn extra cash by leveraging existing business connections. All one has to do is advise clients, colleagues, and partners to choose Ethoplex for their Internet, voice, and data center needs.

Affiliate Reseller
This program is for organizations who want to sell Ethoplex-branded products. This program maximizes flexibility by allowing you to own and manage the sales process, while still leveraging Ethoplex’s support and customer service systems.

Ethoplex’s wholesale partner program is designed for partners interested in purchasing services on a wholesale basis, and then selling these services to their customers under their own brand name. This program is ideally suited for CLECs, ISPs, MSOs, Telcos, and managed service providers looking to grow their recurring revenue base.

Please contact our Sales Department directly for more details on the partner types, process and commissions at #262-345-5204.