Ethoplex offers Virtual LAN service to your Metro locations.

As metropolitan-area enterprise organizations extend their application networks beyond the confines of walls and buildings, point-to-point wireless Ethernet systems have become more widely utilized to bridge IP traffic between locations. This especially applies across spaces or distances that are too difficult or too expensive to practically bridge with legacy wired service. Whether the requirement is to link separate loops within individual buildings, communicate between buildings or link networks in a campus setting, enterprise organizations are increasingly turning to wireless Ethernet as the preferred solution.

MPLS, IP Transport over Metro-Ethernet:

Metro Ethernet is often used to connect two or more sites. Built on the latest fixed wireless technology, Ethoplex’s network provides the scalability, flexibility and high bandwidth necessary to make the boundaries of the Local Area Network disappear. This allows for ubiquitous access to “Cloud” computing services and eliminates the need for server hardware and software duplication across the enterprise. Metro Ethernet service is also utilized to provide high-speed Internet access across multiple locations from one or more high-capacity Internet feeds.


How can this service help my business?

Whether connecting remote branches and offices, teleworkers or disaster recovery sites, our customers run on one of the most secure, reliable, cost-effective IP network available. And, wireless Metro Ethernet services support network-intensive, latency-sensitive applications such as VoIP and streaming media, providing you with a proven alternative to costly incumbent and other legacy, terrestrial network providers.

With Ethoplex’s wireless Metro Ethernet services you receive:

* A low-cost, fully managed network
* A single-vendor solution to your Internet and Metro Ethernet network needs
* Highly redundant and fault-tolerant network design availability
* New locations added in 5 days or less
* A scalable, flexible solution for all your communication needs
* A secure solution with no reported intrusions or vulnerabilities

Connection bandwidth from 1.5Mbps to 1Gbps is generally available with an uptime SLA guarantee of 99.99%. Any business that streams data over their Internet connection will enjoy the sub-5 millisecond latency guaranteed in our SLA.

Our customers are no longer locked into costly carrier-based solutions built upon more vulnerable transport technologies, often with a third-party last-mile access provider with little or no service level guarantees.

Our customers with temporary, emergency or seasonal Internet bandwidth needs enjoy the flexibility of fixed wireless to enable them to run their business interests on their own terms rather than the terms of others. For sites with existing on-net bandwidth, we are able to offer service startup in 5 business days or less.


Our private, wireless broadband network is diverse from the wired network.

Our network is independent from the wired network, and this diverse path provides an additional level of reliability. Our services offer a safer bet for either your primary broadband internet connection or a redundant back-up you require for your business applications.

Diverse routing for critical connections:

– Ethoplex’s private, wireless broadband network is diverse from the wired network

– Ethoplex’s wireless broadband network provides diversity in each key area: physically separate connection to your building, carrier-independent private network, and multiple paths to the Internet

– Keep an existing connection and layer with Ethoplex to add capacity and get a physically diverse connection

– Use diverse routing schemes or BGP routing to combine Ethoplex services with a wireline solution to optimize your use of the total available capacity


How does Ethoplex secure your data?

Most businesses are extremely vigilant regarding the security of their data. Businesses make considerable investments in protecting their infrastructure to secure their data. Questions sometimes arise regarding over-the-air transmissions where physical interception is an obvious threat.

To address this threat directly, Ethoplex offers robust, multi-layered security techniques that provide excellent security for data transmissions.  Over-the-air security is achieved through a proprietary scrambling mechanism that cannot be disabled or spoofed by commercial tools. An additional layer of security can be applied with FIPS 197 compliant, 128- or 256-bit AES Encryption.