Unlimited $20 Helium Mobile Plan with Ethoplex: Talk, Text, Data & Rewards

Use the code "ETHOPLEX" and get a free month of Helium Mobile!

  • Save more with Helium Mobile. Unlimited talk, text & data on the nation’s largest 5G network.
  • $20/month. Today, tomorrow, and three months from now. No contracts, no commitments.
  • Earn rewards and use them to pay for your plan or buy a new phone in the exclusive subscriber store.
  • 5GB mobile hotspot tethering.
  • Easy, instant activation from the Helium Mobile App. Keep your phone number or request a new one.
  • Vacation plans? We’ve got you covered. Flexible international roaming add on available.

We’re proud to partner with Helium Mobile to bring affordable, high-quality mobile phone service, on the nation’s largest 5G network, to Ethoplex customers. Ethoplex customers can sign up for Helium Mobile’s unlimited phone plan for just $20 per month. There’s no contract, and Helium Mobile subscribers have the option to earn rewards and contribute to improving mobile service for the community. 

Helium Mobile keeps your monthly plan cost low and lets you earn rewards for sharing information about where you use your phone the most.

Helium Mobile is compatible with most modern smartphones and offers a quick, secure way to switch with our eSIM technology. Receive your eSIM within seconds and activate it easily through the Helium Mobile App, all without needing a physical SIM card.

connect your way.

Unleash a mobile revolution: fair, affordable, and community-connected with Helium Mobile’s Unlimited $20 Plan.

unbeatably unlimited.

Helium Mobile is a bit special. We use a new kind of people-built network, which drastically saves costs and rewards our users with MOBILE tokens for sharing information about where they use their phones the most.

so SIMple.

Helium Mobile is compatible with most modern phones and works nationwide. Our eSIM option can be delivered within seconds and is easily installed using the Helium Mobile App.

Earn Rewards By Setting Up a Helium Mobile Hotspot

Helium Mobile combines user-contributed hotspots with the nation’s largest 5G network to provide expansive and adaptable coverage. By setting up a Helium Mobile Hotspot in areas with limited service, you not only enhance coverage for yourself and your community but also earn MOBILE tokens. These tokens can be redeemed to cover your monthly service fees, ensuring your mobile plan actively works for you. Choose from both indoor and outdoor hotspot options to start transforming the connectivity landscape.

Have questions? Visit the Support and Technical details below section for more information on our plans, network coverage, and how you can benefit from joining Helium Mobile.

Support and Technical details