Ethoplex TV brings a new dimension to your entertainment journey. With an array of channels, including local offerings, and a contract-free approach, you’re in control of what you watch and when. Stream effortlessly on any Roku device, and unlock a universe of content tailored to your interests.

Ethoplex TV is your passport to hassle-free, personalized entertainment – entirely on your terms. Revolutionize your entertainment with Ethoplex TV. Experience seamless streaming and diverse content. Discover a new era of TV with Ethoplex TV, and remember, it’s completely optional, designed to enhance your entertainment experience your way.

Ethoplex TV Free 30

Exploration Unleashed
$ 0 FREE
  • Stream on Roku
  • No subscription required
  • Basic Channels (No Locals)
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Ethoplex TV Standard

Elevate Your View
$ 7
per Month
  • Same as FREE, Plus Below
  • Stream on Smartphone
  • Expanded Channel Selection
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Ethoplex TV Plus

Limitless Entertainment
$ 49
per Month
  • Same as Standard, Plus Below​
  • Local TV Stations
  • Extensive Channel Lineup